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The international classification identifies more than /// types of financial services. The most popular ones include:


financial consulting

– a range of services related to the effective management of funds and other assets of the company, competent budget allocation and external investments for profit

The main goal of financial consulting:

– to improve the company's performance, which in turn will lead to business development and increase profits by developing cost-effective business development strategies and plans for their implementation

    independent analysis and evaluation of the financial side of the business
    identification of existing problems
    development of effective methods of financial resources management
    creation of an optimal financial policy
    setting the right short-term and long-term goals in the field of finance
    evaluation of existing investment projects
    assessment of the financial prospects of the company as a whole

Stages of financial consulting:

  • analytics

    working with information, statistics, studying accounting problems and achieving the goals set by the client

  • projecting

    formation of an effective plan to solve existing problems and achieve the goals set by the client

  • consultation

    discussing the project, making recommendations for implementing changes

  • realization of ideas

    practical use of the created plan, correction of ineffective methods


– expert advice to business executives and representatives of small, medium and large businesses to restore stability

The main goal of business consulting:

– to assess the state of the company and how to improve business efficiency and solve existing problems that affect the company's bottom line through an independent assessment of current activities and process analysis and the formation of a solution to achieve the desired result

    it is necessary to increase the efficiency of an already stable business, for example, to scale up
    there are difficulties or problems that could not be resolved on their own, including conflicts with partners
    need help from management or specialists
    the company is on the verge of collapse or bankruptcy
    you plan to sell your business and it is important to take into account any details
    business owners need an environment for independent evaluation of new solutions and their implementation
    it is necessary to implement a complex project for which your own resources will not be enough
    run out of ideas to promote new products or services

Stages of business consulting:

  • problem statement

    market analysis is carried out and current problems of the company are identified

  • assessment of the current situation

    an independent expert assesses the extent to which current problems affect the business and hinder development

  • plan creation

    a strategy is formed to solve previously identified problems

  • strategy implementation

    selected solutions are implemented in reality


– project-oriented activities aimed at improving the efficiency of the enterprise and stimulating its development, as well as reducing costs through the implementation of an information system for managing business processes

The main goal of IT consulting:

– optimize the cost of implementing the management system, including reducing the cost of maintaining the corporate network and purchasing new computers

    create an effective structured information system for enterprise management
    fully or partially automate various business processes
    find optimal IT solutions and implement them at the enterprise
    timely modernize the information system, software and the fleet of available computer equipment; ensure uninterrupted operation of the enterprise in case of software or hardware upgrades
    identify all weaknesses of the existing IT system and reorganize it if necessary
    protect corporate data
    make business management more transparent and understandable
    facilitate document flow and communication within the company
    significantly improve control over the work of staff
    reduce the number of errors in everyday business tasks

Stages of IT consulting:

  • audit and evaluation of existing systems

    checks the effectiveness of applications, commercial websites, data transfer programs, determines their reliability, security, and compliance with the company's business objectives

  • developing an optimal IT strategy

    in accordance with the needs, a program for the development and implementation of the IT system is created, which allows you to painlessly put into operation new software and provide support for all business processes (financial management, marketing, etc.), taking into account the timely modernization of the IT system with the growth of the company

  • formulation of requirements for the future system and its elements

    taking into account the complexity of business processes, technical characteristics of the system, the need to create a single information space at the enterprise


– is a set of measures aimed at improving the forms of management and business conduct, the work of management personnel, executives and top managers to establish interaction, optimize all work processes and ultimately increase production, strengthen market positions, increase the number of customers and profits, reduce costs, production time, etc.

The main goal of management consulting:

– create a more efficient business management system and increase its profitability; eliminate negative factors affecting the company's development and choose the optimal way of development - fully or partially automate various business processes

    identifying the company's strengths and weaknesses through a thorough analysis of the business (external and internal processes) and optimizing them
    determination of the optimal development strategy, opportunities and prospects for the enterprise
    accelerating the achievement of organizational goals
    solving managerial and business problems
    search for common ground with business partners, suppliers and target audience
    implementation of effective management strategies and techniques
    training of the management team

Stages of management consulting:

  • strategic consulting

    analysis of: the market at the local and global level, products, target audience, niche and competitors, production and consumption dynamics, technology evolution, to calculate logistics, calculate all risks and create an optimal business model

  • planning, organization of resources

    building an effective management system (distribution of functions, powers, responsibilities, material incentives, building a system of business processes and information exchange and document flow, forecasting, planning and analysis systems, building an optimal structural and functional scheme)

  • marketing consulting

    developing the most appropriate strategy for promoting the company and its products, studying sales conversion and target audience behavior to gain control over the situation

  • HR consulting 

    recruitment and training of personnel, work with employee motivation, creation of an effective management system, development of corporate culture



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registration number 100834

Tetiana Shevtsova is a professional analyst, a specialist in taxation, in particular on income tax, VAT, rent payments. Has been auditing since 1996.
Tetiana is a co-author of the Bill «On Amendments to the Tax Code on Tax on Withdrawn Capital», as well as many bills (including amendments to the Tax Code and some legislative acts of Ukraine) and is the author of publications and articles in accounting, auditing specialized publications, has experience of public speaking.
Tetiana is a member of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine; Federation of Employers of Ukraine; Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP); Council of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Small, Medium and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine; Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employers, as well as a member of Public Councils at the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service of Ukraine (Chairman of the Audit, Accounting and Taxation Committee), works in the Expert Appeal Council at the Ministry of Finance on issues of tax legislation reform, taxation methodology and tax administration.



Director of the Audit Department


registration number 100830

Ihor is a professional auditor and analyst and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and economic sphere. 
As a tax specialist (income tax, VAT, rent payments), a specialist in the field of financial companies, a practicing lawyer and project manager, Igor headed the Audit Department and develops cooperation with large Ukrainian and international companies.
Ihor Tsekhmistrenko is a member of the Public Union Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine.



Director of the Consulting Department


registration number 102489

Olexander Danylenko has over 25 years of experience in the financial and economic sphere and experience as a chief accountant and editor-in-chief of leading professional accounting and financial publications. 
Author of more than 700 articles on taxation and business, accounting and law, author of books on taxation and business.
Olexander worked as an auditor, head of consulting in leading audit companies. Specializes in taxation of transactions with non-residents. As an expert, he was repeatedly involved in the development of draft laws and regulations.
Olexander Danylenko is a member of the Public Union Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine.



Partner | Auditor


registration number 100826

Oksana Nabochenko is an auditor, professional analyst. She is a tax specialist (income tax, VAT, currency transactions) and a specialist in the field of financial companies; project manager.
Oksana is constantly improving her knowledge, in 2015 she completed the course under the program «Markets of financial services in Ukraine and peculiarities of auditing financial statements of non-banking financial institutions».
Oksana's work experience in the financial and economic sphere is more than 20 years. She specializes in the activities of asset management companies and taxation of transactions with non-residents.
Oksana is a member of the Public Union Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine.



Partner | Auditor


registration number 100825

Olga Zavgorodneva is an auditor, specialist in audit/review of separate and consolidated financial statements according to IFRS and PSBO, implementation of agreed procedures for checking the correctness of tax declarations. Specializes in conducting audits in the hotel business, real estate leasing and mining.
Olga has 13 years of professional experience in auditing, including 5 years as a key audit partner.
Olga Zavgorodneva is a member of the Public Union Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine.



Audit Firm Capital Plus

Kyrylivska Street, 14-18, office 49, Kyiv, 04080
+38 (044) 502 67 18+38 (050) 315 51 35
Financial auditTax consultingFinancial consulting

Ukrainian group of audit companies Capital Plus - 2 separate firms that operate under a common brand name and are related parties: LLC Audit Firm Capital Plus and LLC Audit Company Capital Plus.
Capital Plus Group provides audit and assurance services, consulting, financial consulting, risk management services, taxation and other related services to Ukrainian clients and international groups of companies in all sectors of the economy.
According to the results of the 2019 financial year, the Capital Plus Group, according to market analysts, was among the TOP-20 largest audit firms in Ukraine.

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