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List of services

Capital Plus Audit Firm has been providing the following services:
1. Audit services (verification services):
-Audit of financial statements made on the basis of the National Accounting Regulations (Standards);
-Audit of financial statements made on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards
-Tax audit;
- Limited scopeand special audits.
2. Due Diligence for sale of business\spinoff and M&A purposes:
-Assessment of financial status and real (fair) value of businesses;
-Identification and assessment of financial, tax, and legal risks;
-Assessment of reliability and faithfulness of financial statements.
3. Consulting services:
- Tax consulting;
- Financial consulting;
- IT consulting.
4.Legal support:
- Acting on client’s behalf in pre-court dispute resolution procedures;
-Acting on client’s behalf before court (in litigation);
-Acting on client’s behalf in administrative resolution of disputes with tax authorities;
-Legal assistance in issues related to making deals, transactions, contracts, and agreements.
5. Bookkeeping:
- Bookkeeping and preparing financial statements;
- Tax accounting and preparing tax reports.
6. Information and consulting services:
- Regular consulting services with respect to bookkeeping and tax accounting issues within the framework of subscription services;
- One-shot consulting on bookkeeping and tax accounting issues;
- Preparation of expert opinions on pressing problems of bookkeeping and tax accounting.